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Arno Cost

Arno Cost is a French house DJ and producer best known for his breakthrough hit ‘Magenta’.  Cost’s releases combine upfront house beats with big euphoric lead sounds.  He released his first mix album ‘‘Cr2 Presents Live & Direct’ in 2009.

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Arno Cost timeline
(Serial Records 2006)
'Cr2 Presents Live & Direct: Arno Cost & Norman Doray' (Cr2 Records 2009)
Papaya 2010

Early Years: 2006 to present

Arno Cost’s breakthrough release was in 2006 with a collaboration with Arias entitled ‘Magenta’ (Serial Records).  The track combined up front house beats and bass with euphoric arpeggios and gated chords that owe more to trance than they do to house. ‘Magenta’ was championed by a number of top tier DJs including Swedish House Mafia duo Steve Agnello and Sebastian Ingrosso, and BBC Radio 1 stalwart Pete Tong.

Cost followed ‘Magenta’ with ‘Apocolypse’ (Serial Records 2007), a collaboration with fellow Frenchman Norman Doray.  ‘Apocolypse’ follows a similar filtered break, big build structure to ‘Magenta’, but is much less euphoric with a dark twisted lead riff.

By this stage Cost’s profile was on the rise, coming in demand for DJ sets and remixes alike.  Artists remixed by Cost include Zoo Brazil and Dirty Laundry.  On the production front Cost released ‘Souvenir’ in 2008 (Serial Records), picking up again the blue print set out by ‘Magenta’.  The arpeggios  and big synth lead line give ‘Souvenir’ a feel that is somewhere between house and trance.  Cost’s 2009 ‘Cyan’ (Serial Records) continued in a similar vein with a big analog synth line that has a strong 1980’s Jean Michelle Jarre feel.

In 2009 Cost teamed up with Normay Doray again to release his first mix album ‘Cr2 Presents Live & Direct: Arno Cost & Norman Doray’.

Cost’s 2009 and 2010 releases saw a shift in musical direction. ‘Darling Harbour’ (Cr2 Records 2009) has a more progressive feel while ‘Touch Me’ with Martin Solveig in 2010 has a house vocal but a growling bass and peaking lead riff.

Arno Cost is a young up and coming talent whose profile is likely to grow further over the coming years.  His breakthrough release ‘Magenta’ was a distinctive track with a big sound that captured the imagination of DJs and clubbers alike.  Cost’s subsequent releases whilst strong, haven’t quite attained the same level and some have sounded like they’re trying too hard to be another ‘Magenta’.  More recent releases have seen Cost attempt to widen and evolve his sound.