tune attic trance music Trance came into being as a genre in the early 1990’s with landmark tracks such as KLF’s ‘What Time Is Love’ and Man With No Name’s ‘Way Out West’ as two of the genre’s first tracks and Jam & Spoon’s remix of Age of Love’s ‘Age of Love’ one of trance’s first classics.

Combining elements of acid house, techno and 80’s electro rose to become the dominant dance music genre in the mid to late nineties.  Trance drove the age of the super club and superstar DJ and brought dance music to the mainstream.

By the late nineties, just as trance was at its peak, many DJs and producers jumped ship, opting for less obvious and more progressive styles.  By the early noughties trance had splintered into many sub genres representing a broad and diverse range of styles, ranging from the harder edged Psy-Trance, through Progressive Trance, to mainstream Euro Trance.