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The Blackout

The Blackout
The Blackout is a British Post-Hardcore / Pop-Punk group from Wales. The Blackout came to prominence supporting fellow Welsh Rock group Lostprophets, combining elements of Pop, Punk, Metal and Alternative Rock. The Blackout released their debut album ‘We Are the Dynamite!’ in 2007 and their third and most recent ‘Hope’ in 2011. This is a shell profile. Complete profile coming soon!

Sean Smith, Gavin Butler, Matthew Davies, James "Bob" Davies, Rhys Lewis, Gareth "Snoz" Lawrence
2007 to present
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, UK
'It's High Tide Baby'
High octane Pop-Punk
Pop-Punk, Post-Hardcore, Punk, Rock
Fierce Panda, Epitaph, Cooking Vinyl