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Avicii is a Swedish house DJ and producer and a hugely prolific remixer, with over 50 to his name. Avicci’s productions and remixes encompass a diverse range of dance genres.  He is best known for his big vocal house tracks ‘My Feelings For You’ and ‘Seek Bromance’.

Avicii scales of success
Avicii timeline
'My Feeling For You'
(Vicious Recordings 2010)

Early Years: 2008 to present

Tim Bergling has been producing under the alias Avicii since 2008 with ‘Lazy Lace’ his first release.  He soon built a reputation as a remixer and during the same year remixed tracks for the likes of Roger Sanchez. His first real production success came with the minimal house track ‘Record Breaker’ in 2009, produced in collaboration with Philgood.  Demand for Avicii’s remixing skills continued to grow with over 20 remixes completed in 2009 for acts as diverse as electro-pop songstress Little Boots, Zoo Brazil and trance heavyweight Tiësto.

Avicii’s big breakthrough though was ‘My Feeling For You’ (Vicious Recordings) with French producer Sebastien Drums.  Featuring a vocal sampled from the Cassius original ‘My Feeling For You’ is a huge upfront house track that combines disco guitars, a pounding house rhythm and a big electro bass.  The success of ‘My Feeling For You’ further accelerated the rise of Avicii’s profile and by the end of 2010 he had delivered over another fifty remixes and had completed a world tour.

But more was yet to come.  The same year Avicii dropped the Avicii moniker to release a piano-driven Ibiza house / trance cross over track ‘Bromance’ which charted in the national charts in Belgium, Netherlands, and Sweden.  The track was signed to EMI publishing and re-released on Ministry of Sound’s Data Recordings with a vocal as ‘Seek Bromance’.  The result was a radio and TV friendly huge smash that has accumulated well over 20 million YouTube views.

Almost as if to prove that he hadn’t forgotten his club music roots he then released the driving progressive track track ‘Tweet It’ (Size Records 2010) in collaboration with Normay Doray and Sebastien Drums. 

Avicii’s career has made immense progress in just a couple of years.  He has demonstrated an ability to effortlessly switch between house, trance, electro and pop.  A hugely prolific remixer and the ability to pen mainstream pop hits, Avicii’s career looks set to continue on its meteoric trajectory.

The alias Avicii refers to the lowest level of hell in Buddhism and used at the suggestion one of his friends.